E Games

E Games
June 2020

This freelance project consisted of making a website for an online video game. I worked on both the front-end and the back-end, making the site presentable for the game while using some logic for the game countdown timer. This project was more front-end heavy and consists of modular elements with some card elements for a clear and consistent appearance. There is not much of a back-end as it was not neccessary for this website. The events page does pull from a file, and depending on the current day the data displayed will change. There is also an admin dashboard, similar to WordPress, which allows the client to create game news and patches that will get auto populated to the site. This uses QuillJS to make rich text formatting possible.

One challenge for this project was the difficulty of working with a client. Looking back, I could have communicated more clearly and frequently to make the dev and design process much more efficient. Having a checklist or questionaire for the client would have definitely helped for a clear vision of the website.

Another obstacle was the organization of PHP and CSS code. With PHP, relative and absolute links can get confusing, especially if there are levels in the directory to work with. With CSS, since we scrapped the style a couple of times due to a lack of a clear website vision, the code was getting big and disorganized. Editing the style was becoming inefficent as I had to find where the code was being applied, or that I had multiple selectors for the same element. I recently came across SMACSS, which is an awesome way to organize CSS based on their role and modularity, similar to Bootstrap. Implementing SMACSS definitely cleaned up the code and made it much more organized. Web maintenance is still ongoing