Fire Elf

Fire Elf
Dec 2020 - April 2021

Fire Elf is my attempt at making a basic WordPress CMS. This is inspired by Tania's Laconia project and my goal of learning the MVC architecture. Fire Elf does the very basics that WordPress does, such as CRUD operations for pages, images, and blogs. This project isn't ready for production use, but great for studying and forking.

Fire Elf is able to perform CRUD operations on the different models present. So far, this includes Pages, Media (images), and Blogs. The settings page can alter the User model. Pages can be created, edited, and deleted using the Quilljs wysiwig editor. The same goes for Blogs. Images can be uploaded and deleted, and gets stored in a media library similar to WordPress. Within the Quilljs editor, the user can open the media library and insert new or existing images.

Some of the tech and tech concepts used:

  • MVC architecture
  • autoloading classes
  • helper functions
  • global config options
  • quilljs editor
  • basic htaccess usage

For more details, visit the Github repo