Game CP

Game CP
June 2020

This freelance project consisted of completely restyling a game dashboard. I worked on the front-end only as there was no need to change the existing back-end.

Once a gamer logs in, they are taken to their game dashboard, which features their account, characters, server status, donation for game points, etc. The initial website's style was outdated, featuring barely any colors and a basic table structure for element alignment. This is fine for a minimal, older look as it gets the job done, but a dashboard for a video game should elicit some excitement and should definitely be more modern looking.

With this project, I invested more time for planning (learning from the previous project heh), specifically how to convert the existing site structure into a better layout. I ended up replacing the tables into customizable grids and flexbox layouts, depending on the content present. The style had to be flexible enough to hold dynamic content as a majority of the page's content is pulled from the player's account. For pages that contained purchase options, I experimented with creating a price tag element. I'm sure players will get a kick out of it.

Challenges included understanding the complex code that runs this website. It's a spectacle to see, and it is deeply integrated with PHP. The initial few days consisted of me reading and trying to interpret what the code was doing and where the data was being passed. After that big hurdle, it was a matter of changing the html strings (yea it's all contained in strings, yay) into the elements I had planned out. After getting the first page styled it was a breeze.

old home page version

Home - before

new home page version

Home - after

old donate page version

Donate (1) - before

new donate page version

Donate (1) - after

old donate page 2 version

Donate (2) - before

new donate page 2 version

Donate (2) - after